As part of our journey to become a leading provider of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) solutions in education, RSAcademics is delighted to share that we have formalised our relationship with All-in Education, a key provider of EDI services to schools. RSAcademics is now an equal shareholder in All-in Education. 

This new relationship will mean RSAcademics is even better placed to support schools in their efforts to create more inclusive and equitable learning environments. 

This move formalises the existing relationship between All-in Education and RSAcademics which has developed over several years.  

“We believe that bringing together our two, highly respected organisations will provide an even higher standard of EDI solutions to the education sector. Working together, All-in Education and RSAcademics will enable a greater number of schools, groups and trusts to be supported in ensuring their organisations are more equal, diverse, and inclusive, “ said Johan Jensen, Founder of All-in Education. 

“We are excited to be able to welcome Johan Jensen formally to RSAcademics, and to help All-in Education expand its reach and its impact. By consolidating our relationship in this way, we will be able to develop more joint services for the wider benefit of the sector”, said Andrew Thraves, CEO of RSAcademics.  

Our specialist Research Team already works in partnership with All-in Education to provide “Sense of Belonging” surveys for school communities. In addition, All-in Education offers a range of services to schools, including: 

  • a flagship leadership development programme, which combines training and facilitated discussions to support senior leaders in developing EDI strategies
  • comprehensive training for classroom practitioners to help them create inclusive learning environments
  • audits to support curriculum development, governance, and inclusive staff recruitment

To find out more about All-in Education’s range of services, please visit their website