Diversity & Inclusion


We strongly believe that we will be a better company if we embrace and promote diversity in all its forms and take action to become a more inclusive organisation.

Furthermore, we recognise that we hold a great position of responsibility in our sectors and will use our influence to promote diversity and inclusion in schools both in the UK and internationally.

After a period of reflection during 2020, we have undertaken a comprehensive review of our organisation from an equality, diversity & inclusion perspective. We have considered how we operate internally and how we serve our clients and the sector. We have concluded that although there is much we can be proud of as an organisation, there is more we can do to tackle the issues proactively.

Our strong moral values which are embedded within our company provide a foundation for this work and have allowed us to have open and challenging conversations. We recognise this is a long-term commitment and that change is not always going to be quick or easy. If equality, diversity and inclusion is as important to you as it is to us, please get in touch so we can explore ways to work together to achieve our aspirations for a fairer, more diverse and inclusive sector.


OUR objectives

  1. To ensure RSAcademics is a diverse and inclusive organisation in which everyone has a voice and is valued, people feel psychologically safe and there are role models and career progression opportunities for all
  2. To provide services and solutions for our clients which help them to reach their diversity and inclusion goals
  3. To challenge and influence the sector more widely to become more diverse and inclusive over the next ten years.


OUR actions

Since June 2020, we have taken the following actions:

  • Established an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion committee
  • Appointed a Champion for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Forged a partnership with All-In Education, led by Johan Jensen, an expert in the field of diversity and inclusion. Johan is helping us to develop our awareness of the issues and ensure our business practices and policies reflect our desire to embrace and promote diversity and inclusion
  • Provided Equality, Diversity & Inclusion training for all staff and incorporated the training into the induction process for all new colleagues
  • Supported clients through our free Diversity & Inclusion webinars, and through our Sense of Belonging surveys, developed in partnership with All-In Education
  • Conducted an internal survey with our own colleagues about their own sense of belonging and listened to their perspectives
  • Researched best practice from across a range of sectors
  • Reviewed our internal operations and our service offerings in the light of best practice
  • Connected with key influencers to help us shape our plans and explore ways to support each other
  • Partnered with BAMEed and All-in Education to plan a conference (7th-12 June 2021) to support prospective candidates from BAME communities into Deputy and Headteacher positions and provide training for governors on Inclusive Recruitment
  • Updated our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy for Clients
  • Developed our 10-year Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy, along with detailed action plans for 2021/2022. You can learn more about our strategy here.



  • Continue to refine our practices and policies to be as inclusive as possible
  • Lead targeted initiatives to support candidates, clients and the wider sector
  • Work with sector leaders and influencers to support change
  • Conduct research and thought leadership on key topics in this area
  • Continue to listen and reflect as individuals.

RSAcademics is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in schools. We encourage applications from under-represented groups for all positions which we advertise.

Russell Speirs, CEO & Founder, RSAcademics Ltd

“St Clare's has used RSAcademics five times over the last four years (four senior appointments and one consultancy task). We have had excellent outcomes in all cases.”

Andrew RattuePrincipal, St Clare's, Oxford