RSAcademics-UWC Student Scholar 2021-2022

Q&A with Ester

01.Why did you choose UWC Mostar for your IB degree?

The best way to put it was, it chose me!  For me, any UWC would have been fantastic, the important thing for me was always the community that every UWC has.  However, after I found out that I was selected for UWC Mostar, I began to research it more, of course curious
about where I was going to live for two years, and the more I researched, the more I grew to
love the school.  It felt like the perfect school completely tailored to me.

One thing that I especially love is that the school’s motto is ‘the city is our campus’, in that the residences
where the students live are off campus, so it separates school life and home life, and it gives so much more freedom and independence that which is perfect for me.

02.What does peace mean to you personally?

Peace is defined on the internet as freedom from disturbance, tranquility, and while I think this is an excellent definition, I believe that peace is a very personal thing, and so to me peace also means understanding and acceptance: understanding that humans are unique and full of diversity, and accepting that difference does not equate to wrong.

The beauty of humans is their ability to adapt and change and so this diversity is not something to be
conquered and broken, but it is to be cultivated and left to flourish.  I personally find peace in nature: the moon understands that it is time to allow the sun to bring daylight to us as the nocturnal and diurnal animals switch place, understanding that the roles need completing.

The trees understand that the sun begins to shine and their fruits begin to flower, and so the insects and animals understand that it’s time to collect the fruits and the cycles continue.  If we all had a little more understanding, I think we would be a step closer to a more peaceful world.

03.How important is having your degree funded?

Without my degree being funded, I wouldn’t be where I am right now, preparing for this incredible adventure. This funding has given me so many opportunities and has led me to connect with so many amazing and like minded people.  It has also provided me with an
incredible education system that will truly be a life changer, teaching me such a variety of different subjects, effectively opening new doors I otherwise couldn’t have predicted appearing.

I don’t think I will ever be able to fully express my gratitude for such generosity and such an incredible opportunity.

04.Do you know what you wish to do after graduating in two years?

I am currently not entirely sure what I would like to do after graduating from UWC Mostar, as the opportunities are overwhelming and it will take a lot of effort to be able to narrow them down and choose one path, but I really enjoy biology, and know that conservation of ecosystems that keep our world alive has always been close to my heart, especially marine life, so I hope to continue studying biology.  I also hope to continue my study with languages further and improve my French and Spanish speaking as well.

05.Do you have any advice for students wishing to study at a United World College?

My advice would be to go for it! Your experience at UWC will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and an incredible one at that.  It will teach you so many new lessons and connect you with amazing individuals, so if you feel any kind of push to apply, please do, it was a turning point in my life and could be one in yours, too!