Governance and Compliance FULL REVIEW

Working in partnership with expert critical friends to develop the tools for self-evaluation and effective development planning to ensure high quality governance.

A detailed review of compliance responsibilities and how well they are being met, extending into a full review across the spectrum of governance, tailor made to the school.

The service

Phase 1—Assessment of Governance and Compliance

This will cover the steps 1, 2 and 3 (as outlined in the assessment of governance and compliance).

Phase 2—Governance review

A detailed review of governance and its effectiveness, leading to a written report and de-brief. In-depth discussions will be held with key governors and senior staff and RSAcademics consultants will scrutinise a range of documentation including Memorandum and Articles of Association, terms of reference, minutes of meetings, relevant policies and procedures, and inspection reports. The focus will not be on regulatory compliance which can be reviewed separately or added to the current governance review.

The review will encompass some or all of the following elements:

  • The relationship between governance and leadership and management, including relationships between the governing body, the head, bursar and other senior leaders, and the teaching and support staff
  • Self-evaluation and development of the governing body and appraisal of the head
  • Roles, responsibilities and liabilities of the governing body, including strategic financial and development planning and managing risk from the governors’ perspective
  • Audit of the composition of the governing body, its committee structure and membership
  • Assessment of the communications culture as displayed in preparation for meetings, the conduct of meetings and the harnessing of the benefits of team working
  • Other statutory frameworks and responsibilities, including, where relevant, the school’s position as a charity and/or company

Suitable for

Governors and heads seeking to examine their modus operandi and effectiveness, and to enable the school’s governance to function at the highest level.

For more information about how RSAcademics can assist with your compliance needs, please contact:

Durell Barnes, Head of Governance and Compliance:

“Finding a new Head can seem a daunting task for the Chair and it was reassuring to be supported by the expertise and warmth of RSAcademics.”

Celia RandellChair of Governors, Dulwich Prep London