An overview which equips governors with the knowledge required to review their own practice.

A fact-filled, top-line tour of the shifting world of governance and compliance. Attendees will emerge better prepared themselves to demonstrate how they fulfil their roles and able to offer more support to senior leadership teams in preparation for inspection.

The service

A two to three hour workshop for governors providing:

  • An overview of the requirements for the new Inspection Framework, especially in relation to governance and compliance, including inspection timescales, principles and practice.
  • An understanding of governors’ changing responsibilities (particularly those relating to the well-being of pupils) and how to prepare for inspection.
  • An explanation of how governors might support the school’s preparation for inspection, especially of compliance, through effective monitoring and oversight, and how to maintain compliance thereafter.

Suitable for

Governors who might feel exposed in the wake of new regulatory requirements, especially in view of any previous breaches, or who want to make sure they are up to date and aware of their responsibilities.

For more information about how RSAcademics can assist with your compliance needs, please contact:

Durell Barnes, Head of Governance and Compliance

“As a result of RSAcademics’ advice, the school has grown by 1/3.”

Anthony WallersteinerHeadmaster, Stowe School