Governance and Compliance THREE-DAY ASSESSMENT

The starting point for creating a culture around governance and compliance: compliance is about policy and implementation; governance is about monitoring and oversight of the leadership team—including their work to ensure pupils’ well-being

A three-day, three step journey to ensure understanding of the new compliance and governance environment, a review of the Board’s readiness for a compliance inspection and a bespoke action plan for improvements.

The service

Step 1—Overview

A practical guide to the compliance role of governors in the form of a two to three hour workshop for governors (as outlined above)

Step 2—Assessment

A tailored compliance audit which assesses the governors’ performance in fulfilling their compliance responsibilities

  • Meetings with the head, the chair of governors and other key personnel to discuss current practice and identify known areas of concern for the school
  • Scrutiny of documentation, including specified policies and evidence of oversight (eg minutes of governors’ meetings, policy paperwork and records of governors’ monitoring)

Step 3—Action

  • Verbal de-brief followed by a written report, an action plan for improvement and guidance on self-evaluation

Suitable for

Governors and heads seeking a thorough review of current compliance responsibilities, including guidance on how to proper implement effective policies.


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“As a result of RSAcademics’ advice, the school has grown by 1/3.”

Anthony WallersteinerHeadmaster, Stowe School