Governance and Compliance THREE-DAY ASSESSMENT

The starting point for creating a culture around governance and compliance: compliance is about policy and implementation; governance is about monitoring and oversight of the leadership team—including their work to ensure pupils’ well-being

A three-day, three step journey to ensure understanding of the new compliance and governance environment, a review of the Board’s readiness for a compliance inspection and a bespoke action plan for improvements.

The service

Step 1—Overview

A practical guide to the compliance role of governors in the form of a two to three hour workshop for governors (as outlined above)

Step 2—Assessment

A tailored compliance audit which assesses the governors’ performance in fulfilling their compliance responsibilities

  • Meetings with the head, the chair of governors and other key personnel to discuss current practice and identify known areas of concern for the school
  • Scrutiny of documentation, including specified policies and evidence of oversight (eg minutes of governors’ meetings, policy paperwork and records of governors’ monitoring)

Step 3—Action

  • Verbal de-brief followed by a written report, an action plan for improvement and guidance on self-evaluation

Suitable for

Governors and heads seeking a thorough review of current compliance responsibilities, including guidance on how to proper implement effective policies.


For more information about how RSAcademics can assist with your compliance needs, please contact:

Durell Barnes, Head of Governance and Compliance:

“RSAcademics carried out the whole recruitment process from beginning to end, very thoroughly, professionally and knowledgeably. The Governors were all very satisfied with the process.”

Derek WilsonChair of Governors, St Mary's, Gerrards Cross