SchoolPulse and Tailored Surveys New SchoolPulse Surveys

Launching in Autumn 2020, a brand new set of SchoolPulse surveys

These new surveys have been developed in response to the current pandemic and have been informed by over 15 years of research among parents, staff and pupils.

The surveys are standardised to enable benchmarking and rapid feedback to schools.

The results of the research are delivered online and are available within a few days of surveys closing, meaning you can respond quickly to any issues raised and have your finger on the pulse of what your school community thinks.

We have two suites of surveys available from September:

(1) Joining and Leaving: new joiners, prospective parents, and leavers & their parents

(2) Engaging and Improving: parents, pupils and staff surveys

You can buy individual surveys from either suite for £850 + VAT or the complete set of surveys from the suite for £1,500 + VAT.  


Joining and Leaving SchoolPulse

3 benchmarked surveys spread over the school year to help marketing and admissions staff understand the process and reasons for joining and the perspectives of leavers.

There has never been a greater need to be aware of how prospective, new joiners or leavers feel about your school.  Recruitment and retention are critical.


New joiners: understand how new families have found the process of joining the school, induction and welcome, settling in, information etc.

Prospective parents: the reasons for choosing or not choosing the school, other schools considered, comparisons and opinions.

Leavers and their parents: reasons for leaving early or reflections and feedback from their time at the school


£1,500 + VAT to commission all three surveys in one year or £850 + VAT per survey. 


Engaging and Improving SchoolPulse

A flexible and cost-effective way to ask key stakeholders – parents, staff and students – about their levels of engagement and how they would like to see the school improve.

Any 3 surveys, over 1, 2 or 3 years = £1,500 + VAT
Single survey for one stakeholder group = £850 + VAT





“We haven’t worked with any other organisation for recruitment, branding, marketing or surveys: this is an unequivocal and unbiased endorsement of an organisation which is at the top of its game.”

Anthony WallersteinerHeadmaster, Stowe School