SchoolPulse and Tailored Surveys Tailored parent, staff, student and alumni surveys

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Our tailored surveys provide detailed and in-depth insights to inform strategic planning:

  • Are you considering a change to your school structure? Our surveys can sensitively test the potential impact among your school community.
  • Have you recently adapted the school’s offer?  Discover what your current parents, staff and students think of the change.
  • Are you a new Head?  Our tailored surveys will provide you with a clear understanding of attitudes and perceptions amongst your stakeholder groups.
  • Is your school due an inspection?  Our surveys provides an excellent basis to inform your pre-inspection planning.
  • Do you wish to expand your alumni relations activities?  Discover how engaged and connected alumni are with your school.
  • Is fundraising a strategic priority?  Our alumni survey provides a unique means by which you can carry out donor research.



We offer an online survey tool using a mix of standardised key performance measures as well as tailored questions, specifically designed to provide information relevant to your school.

Each survey generates hundreds of written comments from participants; all are studied carefully by our consultants to add depth, nuance and colour to the detailed statistical analysis.

Our experienced consultants will guide you through each stage of the project, offering expert advice.  A final presentation and discussion ensures you gain a full understanding of the information provided and how to use it.



Gives you a rounded assessment of what parents really think about your school and how you can improve satisfaction and loyalty.


Enables you to maximise employee engagement and make your school a better place to work.


Empowers students to tell you anonymously what matters most to them and how they view their life at school.


Designed to help you develop your alumni community around the world.


the PARENT survey covers:


  • Ratings (very good to poor) of ca. 40 elements of the school’s provision
  • Priorities for improvement
  • Overall satisfaction and three other key performance measures
  • Adjectives to describe the school
  • Ratings of whether the school meets its aims and values


Optional questions include:

  • Choosing the school and joining the school
  • Future planning
  • Quality of teaching by subject


the STAFF survey covers:


  • Employment and job satisfaction
  • Salary and resources
  • Management and leadership
  • Relationships and team interaction
  • Communication and empowerment
  • Feedback and development
  • Adjectives to describe the school
  • Opportunities and challenges for the future


the STUDENT survey covers:


  • General feelings on life at school
  • Learning and progression
  • Student wellbeing
  • Feelings of support and personal development
  • Friendships and mixing with other students
  • Extra-curricular life
  • Preparation for exams and the future
  • Ratings of subjects taught at school


the alumni survey covers:


  • Engagement with the school:
    – Effectiveness of communications
    – Events
  • Continuing involvement with the School


Optional questions include:

  • Preparing for life beyond school
  • University and employment information
  • Aims of the alumni community
  • Attitudes to supporting fundraising



“There was real value in the insights provided by the quantitative research, which has provided us with reassurance and confidence in our strategy for the future.”

Dragana HartleyMarketing and Communications Director, Cheltenham Ladies' College