SchoolPulse and Tailored Surveys Sense of belonging surveys

We believe that cognitive diversity when embedded in an inclusive organisational culture supports innovation and leads to improved organisational performance.   

Our sense of belonging surveys, developed in partnership with All-in Education, are standardised surveys designed to provide a psychologically safe place for your school community to share their experiences, attitudes and perceptions.  Broad, holistic and deeply rooted in the sense of belonging experience, they go far beyond the standard diversity survey and engender meaningful responses. 

Through detailed analysis of the responses, we provide cultural insight that enables you to reflect and develop actions to build a diverse community, where everyone can thrive.  


Staff survey


The survey covers key aspects such as: 

  • whether staff feel they belong and are made to feel welcome and accepted 
  • staff perceptions of fairness at the school 
  • How well staff feel the school’s policies and system support diversity and inclusion 
  • what opportunities exist for work-life balance

 We also collect demographic information to support your work on equal opportunities.  However, this data will not be reported in a manner which undermines the confidentiality and anonymity of respondents. 


Student survey


The survey uses a combination of scenarios and open questions to understand: 

  • the practices that enable inclusion 
  • the experience of students on a day-to-day basis in school 
  • their views on diversity and difference and how this is celebrated and represented at school 

 We also collect demographic information to support your work on equality, diversity and inclusion.  However, this data will not be reported in a manner which undermines the confidentiality and anonymity of respondents. 


Alumni survey


Our online survey will develop a base for diversity and inclusion data, as well as helping you to understand: 

  • the extent of engagement with and sense of belonging to the school among all alumnae 
  • the extent to which all alumnae share and agree with the school’s current purpose/aim 
  • the experience of more recent alumnae in relation to discrimination in school and diversity in the curriculum 
  • the range of professional skills, training and experience gained by recent alumnae since they left the school and their openness to sharing this knowledge with current pupils 

All alumnae are provided with an opportunity to respond to a series of closed questions about diversity and inclusion, as well as an open question in which they can provide further commentary or observations.  More recent alumnae (those who have left within the last seven years) are asked to comment on their experiences and observations in more detail. 


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“The SchoolPulse survey has been invaluable in identifying areas of strength and areas in need of improvement.”

Graham SpawforthHeadmaster, Ditcham Park School