Marketing and Admissions Research and Analysis Services Demographic Analysis

Demographic variables such as age, gender, income and occupation hold important clues to customer behaviour.  People who share the same demographic profile usually have the same purchasing behaviour.  As a result, demographic analysis is an important component of your school’s marketing.

Our analysis will define the profiles of your school’s current families and your share of these families in your catchment area.

We have access to the UK’s key demographic and population datasets and our analysts are specialists in this field.  We will interrogate your pupil roll to create detailed insight of your catchment area, including distance and drive times to school.  We will identify specific areas that could provide potential growth for your pupil roll and analyse the potential impact of population change in your area over the next 10 years.

Our report includes an overview of your pupil market share compared with key competitors, as well as pupil number trends over the last five years.




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Converting enquiries

International recruitment



Heather Styche-Patel, Head of Insight & Client Services


“There was real value in the insights provided by the quantitative research, which has provided us with reassurance and confidence in our strategy for the future.”

Dragana HartleyMarketing and Communications Director, Cheltenham Ladies' College