Marketing and Research Toolkit Pupil retention

An investigation into the factors affecting retention from one part of the school to the next. For example, the transition from Nursery to Reception, Prep to Senior or Year 11 to Sixth Form.  As well as gaining valuable insights into what is driving parent and pupil retention issues, you will also receive recommendations on how to address the issues through improved marketing and communication with pupils and parents.

We can undertake focus groups with pupils and parents or carry out in-depth telephone interviews with parents.*

We will explore the pros and cons for parents and pupils remaining at the school; what might influence their decision to leave or stay, what push or pull factors are involved in their decision making? Do you have the right communications material and events in place to positively influence their choice?

We also offer a short online survey, specifically designed to capture student leavers’ views.  This survey includes a suitable mix of closed, rating questions with an open, written question to allow respondents to provide explanation and comments.


*Pupil focus groups are typically only run with pupils in Year 11 or above


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Caroline Wood, Head of Strategy, Marketing and Research:

“There was real value in the insights provided by the quantitative research, which has provided us with reassurance and confidence in our strategy for the future.”

Dragana HartleyMarketing and Communications Director, Cheltenham Ladies' College