Our story

After spells at Sevenoaks, Oxford, Unilever and Uppingham, Russell Speirs founded his own educational consultancy in 2000. It grew and in 2002 relaunched as RSAcademics.

Then as now, RSAcademics has one exclusive specialism. Schools.

RSAcademics consultants are based throughout the world offering expertise in marketing, research, strategic planning, candidate search & recruitment and leadership development.

We keep on growing but our foundational values stay the same. We’re knowledgeable. We are industrious. We question, challenge and listen. We believe in work whose value is long-term, never stopgap.

We offer good value for money.

We don’t say we’re passionate about what we do, because everyone says that. What we do say though is that, for us, our raison d’être is to help schools thrive.


  • Our work for you will be astute, bespoke, creative and useful
  • We will always be available to you when you need us
  • We will never talk about our work for you with anyone else
  • We will be honest and clear about costs and fees
  • We will not sell you services you do not need
  • Our work will always be informed by the holistic objective of helping your school thrive


June 2020

At this time many of us are becoming more aware and thinking more actively than ever before about racism.

Racism exists in our society, and is present in day-to-day life, in silent and invisible forms which can make it hard to recognise. We therefore all have to be more conscious in our fight to achieve equality and respect for all.

By keeping quiet, by being a silent bystander, we allow racism to continue unchecked. Through our silence, we become also guilty.  I do not want RSAcademics to be silent at this time. We stand in solidarity with people in the U.K. and around the world who face marginalisation and discrimination because of their race.

We can and will do more at RSAcademics to address racism and the systems that fuel it.

Russell Speirs, CEO & Founder, RSAcademics Ltd

“RSAcademics took enormous trouble to understand the complex nature of our college business streams and our international ethos, and were always a pleasure to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Andrew RattuePrincipal, St Clare's, Oxford