Philanthropy Services Feasibility studies, cases for support and campaigns

Feasibility Studies and Cases for Support

Detailed testing of potential fundraising causes, messages, targets and timelines.  In-depth feedback from potential donors, coupled with desk research and our own philanthropy thought-leadership provide an accurate indication of what can be achieved along with intelligence to support compelling cases for support.


Design and delivery of innovative fundraising campaigns that reflect the school’s aspirations and character and aligns with the values and motivations of potential donors.  Planning, quiet phase, cases for support, major donors, campaign boards, launch and public phase, communications, events, literature, donation mechanisms, tax and Gift Aid, donor recognition, stewardship.


Together our senior consultants have over 70 years of experience in fundraising and they have successfully raised millions of pounds for capital campaigns in schools in the UK and around the world.

Contact Debra Price, Head of Philanthropy to find out more:
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“Debra Price has provided outstanding support for King’s Bruton in our successful capital campaign, raising over £1 million for a new Music School to celebrate the King’s Bruton 500th anniversary.”

Ian Wilmhurst
Headmaster, King’s Bruton

“We haven’t worked with any other organisation for recruitment, branding, marketing or surveys: this is an unequivocal and unbiased endorsement of an organisation which is at the top of its game.”

Anthony WallersteinerHeadmaster, Stowe School