Strategic Services Feasibility Studies

Re-appraisal of the school’s strategic development plan can be an onerous and drawn out affair. We can help expedite this.

Independent schools srategic planning appriasal from RSac

Most big new ideas need testing: Is there a market? Do we have the resources we need? How will people react?

The answer to these questions, and many others, are to be found by conducting research.  At the heart of our strategic services is our research team – all of them experts in the independent schools’ sector.

Their work, together with our consultants, means you can be confident that our feasibility studies will give you a thorough, authoritative and candid assessment of what can be done.

We can interrogate your existing plans and collaboratively generate new ones. Examples include: short and medium term estates development plan; financial budgets and long term forecasts; pupil number forecasts; and staffing structures.


To find out how we can help your school, contact:


Heather Styche-Patel, Head of Insight & Client Services

“As a result of RSAcademics’ advice, the school has grown by 1/3.”

Anthony WallersteinerHeadmaster, Stowe School