We specialise in school strategy consulting, assessing and building sustainable business plans, identifying market opportunities and conducting stakeholder research.

Our ability to make a positive impact for our clients is at the heart of what we do. We work with school boards and senior leaders to answer critical questions, such as:

  • Will your current structure and strategy carry you through the next decade and beyond?
  • Do you have enough information and the right data to feel confident in your decision-making?
  • How financially resilient is your school?
  • Is your operational model designed to provide the right level of quality and efficiency?
  • How do your current parents view the school? What do they value? What are their views on fee affordability?
  • Do you know where your students will come from in future?
  • Do you have the right team and processes in place to safeguard your school’s future?
  • Do you understand your market and how it is changing?

Alongside our in-depth knowledge of schools, we combine advanced primary research and analysis with expertise in strategy consulting to answer these questions.

We have been helping schools answer these sorts of questions since 2002 – and to date, more than 700 schools around the world have benefited from our services. The extensive knowledge gained from over 20 years underpins our work and will inform our consultancy advice to you.

How RSAcademics can help

Strategic planning

Financial and operational resilience

Affordability surveys

Feasibility studies, mergers and acquisitions

Stakeholder research

Optimising student recruitment and retention

Strategic change communications

Workshop Facilitation