Helping schools to be better prepared to withstand events that impact revenue; develop plans to absorb these impacts and ensure a sustainable future.

Resilient organisations are designed to respond to disruption and positively adapt to changing conditions. Our assessment of resilience focuses on three areas:

  1. Improving student recruitment and retention: a financially resilient school understands what parents and students value; provides a compelling, differentiated offer that is effectively communicated; and has high levels of satisfaction and advocacy.
  2. Optimising organisational structures, systems and processes:  we evaluate ways of working and competencies to optimise their efficiency and effectiveness. Areas of focus typically include marketing and admissions; academic structures, staffing and timetabling.  
  3. Identifying revenue diversification opportunities: a key component of financial resilience may be revenue stream diversification. This could be achieved through new markets or an extended offer, such as moving to co-education or opening a nursery provision. It can also be achieved through fundraising and expanded commercial or enterprise activities.

Our audit, research and analysis tools in these three areas can be offered in combination or as standalone services to inform your strategic planning.

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