Providing schools with access to leading wellbeing support

We are delighted to partner with The Wellbeing Hub from Teen Tips, allowing us to offer UK and International schools a unique combination of knowledge, support and guidance on wellbeing.  

The Wellbeing Hub offers a proactive approach to young people’s mental health and wellbeing by providing evidence-based support for the whole school community. It is a live and interactive web app delivering support and advice through podcasts, online courses for parents and staff, webinars, live Q&As, Q&A libraries, careers advice, PSHE resources, access to specialists, and much more. The Wellbeing Hub is currently impacting more than 150,000 pupils in over 230 schools.

The new partnership means that alongside our wellbeing research services, we can offer our client schools access to the best wellbeing advice and resources. Our consultancy work highlights the increasing importance of supporting student wellbeing and our latest research report, The New Art of Headship, found that supporting student mental health is the area where Heads had seen the most change over the last 10 years.

The Wellbeing Hub

The Wellbeing Hub will benefit through insight from our research expertise, developed through our thought leadership and survey services, including our Pupil Voice Survey Service. Through this shared knowledge and expertise, the partnership will ensure The Wellbeing Hub remains at the forefront of wellbeing support and advice.   

The Wellbeing Hub