We exist because the world needs schools to thrive. 
Along with so many others, we are horrified by what we see unfolding as a result of the war in Ukraine. Through our work, we appreciate the challenges that this poses to schools in the region, internationally and in the UK. It also increases our certainty about the role of education in fostering a more peaceful future. 
Thriving schools are ones where all members of their communities feel safe, supported and included. Thriving schools provide a place for individuals to grow and develop and they enable individuals to fulfil useful roles in society. At their core, we believe that schools should enable future generations to have respect for one another, develop a moral compass and help their communities learn how to resolve conflict peacefully. These fundamental freedoms form a strong social fabric. 
At RSAcademics we stand with schools as they find their own ways to address the current war, the search for peace and all our global challenges. These extraordinary times only increase our resolve to use our expertise, experience and networks to support schools.