Our partnership with All-in Education places us in an excellent position to support schools in their efforts to create more inclusive and equitable learning environments

All-in Education works in the education sector to achieve greater diversity and to create more inclusive work and learning places. With a proven track record of making recruitment more effective, All-in Education can help to ensure talent stays for longer and support organisations in getting the most out of their staff. 

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Services

Leadership and Strategy Development

Our “Sense of Belonging” surveys, developed jointly between RSAcademics and All-in Education, are standardised surveys designed to provide a psychologically safe opportunity for your school community to share their experiences, attitudes and perceptions.

All-in Education’s flagship EDI Leadership programme combines training, leadership development and facilitated discussions to develop an EDI strategy for the future.

All-in Education’s EDI training session for Governors is specifically designed to equip these education leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to foster an inclusive school environment.

All-in Education’s Initial School EDI Audit is a systematic assessment of an educational institution’s policies, practices, and culture with regard to equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Services: Leadership and Strategy Development

Leadership and Strategy Development

People and Operations

The Inclusive Recruitment Audit is a comprehensive and thorough review of a school’s/ organisation’s recruitment practices, aimed at promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the hiring process.

With Inclusive Recruitment Training, you can unlock the full potential of your recruitment team and hiring managers by implementing a comprehensive and effective inclusive recruitment strategy.

Our comprehensive Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy Review and Development Consultancy is a specialised solution designed to help schools, and groups of schools navigate the complexities of policy formulation, enhancement, and optimisation.

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Services: People and Operations

People and Operations

Teaching and Learning

Our comprehensive Building Inclusive Classrooms for Empowered Learning training helps educators create an inclusive learning environment in the classroom.

Our Inclusive Curriculum Audit and Development Consultancy assist educational institutions in creating a more inclusive and representative learning environment.

Through our Inclusive Pupil Voice Consultancy, our team provides expert advice and guidance to staff responsible for student voice interventions, with a specific focus on equality, diversity and inclusion. 

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Services: Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

Our team

All-in Education was founded by Johan Jensen

Johan Jensen is a seasoned diversity and inclusion expert, with a wealth of experience across various sectors but most significantly in the education sector. His expertise encompasses Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, leadership development, strategic communications and stakeholder management.

Before founding All-in Education in 2018, Johan served as a director at Ambition Institute (formerly Teaching Leaders), significantly expanding the organisation’s reach in the south of England while spearheading the organisation’s focus on measuring and ensuring impact. Passionate about equality, he led stakeholder management at the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) from 2009 to 2012, contributing to the landmark ‘Triennial Review – How Fair is Britain?’.

Johan began his career campaigning for equality and children’s rights, developing national initiatives for Citizens Advice. At Stonewall, he spearheaded the Education for All campaign, notably launching the impactful Some people are gay. Get over it! campaign.

Johan holds a first-class honors degree in International Relations and Political Science from the University of Birmingham, complemented by an MA in Research Methods. Born and brought up in Sweden, he arrived in Britain on a scholarship to study at the United World Colleges of the Atlantic, where his commitment to equality and human rights issues flourished.

Sural Bhanshaly

Sural has been involved in education over the last 20 years, with considerable experience in schools as a senior leader. He has led an Ofsted ‘outstanding’ teacher training provider and has worked on school improvement and teacher training both across the UK and internationally. He has been an active school governor, and curriculum and learning advisor to both education organisations and businesses. He has been a guest speaker at several universities, national charities, and the Department for Education.

Sural currently works as a freelance education consultant & adviser for schools across England, specialising in curriculum, teacher development, inclusion, and educational partnerships. He is the founder of About Schools, a website supporting parents in navigating the English school system, and is an advocate for parental voice. He has an MA in Social Justice and Education, and is passionate about inclusion and equity, particularly in leadership.

Heather Daulphin

Heather has been a teacher since 1983. In 2021 she completed 29 years at Hampstead School in North West London, where she was the Senior Deputy Headteacher for 22 years. Whilst being committed to urban school leadership, she has decided to build on this and move into her other field of expertise, Training and Educational Consultancy. Her subject background is History and Social Sciences. She has an MA in Curriculum Studies from the University College of London’s Institute of Education. Heather also holds the NPQH.

Heather has many successful years’ experience as a Senior School Leader. Her leadership roles have included: Head of Post-16, Human Resources, Professional Learning, Emotional Health, Safeguarding and Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion. In the last three years, Heather has become a Leader in Trauma Informed and Attachment Aware Practices in Schools, this has been particularly pertinent during the lockdown and students returning to the recovery curriculum.

Over the years, Heather has been a key member of Camden LA ‘Closing the Gap’ working parties, exploring and building strategies to accelerate the progress of underperforming groups such as Somali, White British, FSM, African-Caribbean and SEND students.

Heather is also an Education Consultant. She was invited to serve, from inception, as a Leadership Development Tutor and School Improvement Coach with national bodies such as Future Leaders, Teaching Leaders (now Ambition Institute) and Achievement for All. Heather worked with a variety of leaders across a range of schools in the South East. As well as her leadership role at Hampstead School, Heather worked in Oslo, Norway for the Oslo Department of Education. In response to the aftermath of the 2011 Norway attacks, Heather was engaged to foster inclusive leadership effectiveness and community cohesion. She has participated in school research and study trips exploring successful urban schools in New Orleans, post Katrina and Washington DC during the 2012 elections. Heather has a particular interest in rebuilding communities post trauma and social transformation.