We want to help schools benefit from the best leadership possible

This is why we provide training and support for so many governing bodies, Directors and owners of schools around the world. For a school to thrive over the long term, and for the leaders of the school to perform to their best, there has to be excellent governance.

There is no blueprint for excellent governance, however. Every school has a different history and culture. Every Governor has a different personality. And every country and educational jurisdiction is different, too, with varying degrees of clarity about what good governance looks like.

Wherever your school is and whatever the governance challenges you face, we are here to help you. Whether your school is a not-for-profit ‘association’ in the eyes of the law, a registered charity, or an asset in a private portfolio of investments, our expert consultants can help the ‘governors’ add value. And whether governance duties are carried out by a 15-strong team of well-organised volunteers or by a single proprietor, our tailored and sensitive approach can ensure you benefit from our experience and knowledge.

How should YOUR school’s governance improve?

Take a moment now to ask yourself:

  • Do your board members have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities?
  • Do your board members feel sufficiently informed and empowered to carry out their role?
  • Do they provide support and constructive challenge to the Head and Senior Leadership Team?
  • Are your Governors fully up to date and knowledgeable about such matters as safe-guarding, risk management and their legal duties or regulatory responsibilities?
  • Does your board have in place appropriate oversight and monitoring structures?
  • Is governance carried out efficiently?
  • Do you have the right people on (the) board?

If you have answered “no” or “not sure” to any of these questions, we may be able to help you.

Please contact Durell Barnes, Head of Governance and Compliance, at durellbarnes@rsacademics.com

Our approach

Whatever we do for you will be tailored to address your needs and to suit your governance culture, budget and timeframe. After initial exploratory conversations, you might ask us to provide:

  • A light-touch consultation exercise, looking at the relationship between governance, leadership and management
  • An appraisal of the Head’s performance and of the Governors’ role vis a vis the Head
  • An in-depth review of governance processes, policies, responsibilities and structures
  • Confidential interviews with Board members and the school’s executive
  • Assessment of the ‘communications culture’ as displayed in preparation for meetings, the conduct of meetings and the harnessing of the benefits of team working
  • An introductory training workshop and presentation
  • Audit of the composition of the governing body, its committee structure and membership
  • Helping your board conduct an effective self-evaluation of its own performance and develop a culture of excellence

Our observations and advice are sometime contained in a report or fed back in a conversation as part of a coaching approach, or it could be more suitable for us to deliver a presentation, followed by a series of training workshops. We agree this with you. However we communicate our findings, we answer every question, and we always tell the truth, politely and in a supportive way – even when it may not be palatable. Our clients often learn far more than they were expecting.


Our team

Governance is led by Durell Barnes

Former Deputy Director and Head of Communications at the Independent School Inspectorate, Durell works alongside a team of specialists with in-depth experience of school inspections, leadership and governance.

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"The analysis, honestly and positively, shared our shortcomings and then, with warmth and understanding, suggested steps forward. We would certainly work with RSAcademics in the future and can recommend them without hesitation."

Dr David Burnett, Headmaster, The Royal School Dungannon

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