How do you know when things have gone wrong?

It can be a vexing question.

In the absence of clear Key Performance Indicators and regular monitoring, schools often realise too late that things are awry.

If you are worried about your development office or are experiencing these common scenarios, we can help:

  • Your campaign is not delivering
  • Regular donors never become major donors
  • You are not optimising major gifts – you receive £10k when a donor could have given £100k
  • A postholder is not succeeding
  • Your alumni association is up in arms with the school
  • There is historic damage from a ‘smash and grab’ campaign 20 years ago

Our approach is collaborative and pragmatic

We review. We listen, we learn, we recommend. We support. We develop plans to get you back on track. We establish effective evaluation criteria through meaningful KPIs. We equip you to quickly determine when things are going wrong in future.

Please contact Rachael Petrie, Head of Philanthropy, at

Interim support

Whether you have a temporary gap in your team, require stopgap help with a specific project or need to fill a short-term skills gap, we can support you.

We are philanthropy specialists. All our Senior Advisors have been members of school Senior Leadership Teams. We operate sensitively, integrate quickly, build trust widely and deliver reliably.

Retained specialists

We bolster your team by providing specialist support on a retained basis. Often used by schools not ready to recruit a permanent specialist, our retained service is a cost-effective alternative to an additional headcount.

We liken it to being an extension of your team. The beauty of our service is that your fee gives you access to multiple skillsets. Ours is a team of many talents with a broad portfolio of sector-leading philanthropy and communications experience, collectively bringing the best in school fundraising. When you retain us you can tap into our combined expertise whenever you need specialist fundraising advice.

Advice for all aspects of fundraising

We advise and guide you on all aspects of fundraising. Recent examples include:

  • Fundraising start-ups
  • Capital campaigns
  • Major gift strategy and implementation
  • Technical issues surrounding historic trusts
  • Short, medium and long term fundraising strategy
  • Emergency fundraising

Get in touch

Email Rachael Petrie, Head of Philanthropy, via

Call Rachael on +44 1858 467449