Our surveys provide access to the most robust benchmarked survey available in the sector.

We have undertaken more than 300 studies for more than 200 individual schools involving thousands of students, staff members, parents and alumni. This means we can provide the most robust benchmarked survey data in the sector.

Schools choose to work with us rather than do it themselves because:

  • Respondents know it is anonymous and the analysis is objective, not done by the school. This generates higher response rates and more honest answers
  • It saves you considerable time
  • Not every school has a market research expert on the payroll
  • Results are benchmarked against comparable schools – so you can better interpret your school’s performance
  • Survey findings, be they challenging or highly positive, often have more impact when provided by an experienced third party

Our bespoke surveys for parents, pupils and staff are designed and built to meet your objectives.  These surveys are benchmarked to provide even more valuable context.  Whilst our SchoolPulse standardised surveys provide a cost-effective tool to gain key insights into school decisions among prospective families, new joiners and leavers.

Bespoke surveys for parents, staff, pupils and alumni

SchoolPulse for prospective parents, new joiners and leavers