We deliver bespoke market analysis that provides rich insight, information and data to inform your decision making about your marketing strategy or growth opportunities

We deploy a variety of tools to provide you with reliable market analysis, working closely with you to establish what would be the best methodology for the decisions you need to make.

How we can help:

01.Demographic analysis

A study of customer demographics can be vital for marketing planning and decision making.

Our analysts are specialists in this field and have access to the UK’s key demographic and population datasets. We use the datasets to:

  • Interrogate your pupil roll to create detailed insight of your customers and catchment area, including distance and drive times to school
  • Define the profiles of your school’s current families and your share of these types of families in your catchment area
  • Identify specific locations that might offer growth opportunities for your pupil roll
  • Analyse the potential impact of population change in your area over the next ten years

Our report details this and includes an overview of your pupil market share compared with key competitors, as well as pupil number trends over the last five years in those schools. We also offer an interactive online platform which can be licenced for use by you over an extended period.

02.Market analysis

A broad market scan analysing the data and trends in your marketplace.

We start with the headlines and work down to a granular level, offering detailed market analysis by gender, day / boarding and year group. The resulting analysis provides rich and detailed evaluation and interpretation of the data to aid your decision making.

03.Competitor reviews

A data-driven review of your market positioning against an agreed selection of competitor schools.

Often commissioned in tandem with market analysis and mystery shopping, we compare your performance to that of your key competitors in a way which is rooted in evidence rather than anecdote.

04.Mystery shopping

An opportunity to see your school as your prospective parents see it:

  • Review your admissions process and key aspects of the customer experience
  • Receive practical recommendations for improvement
  • Compare your admissions performance with up to two named competitor schools

Our mystery shoppers undertake telephone enquiries and website research from the perspective of a parent.


"They took enormous trouble to understand the complex nature of our college business streams and our international ethos and were always a pleasure to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending them."

Andrew Rattue, Principal, St Clare's, Oxford

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