March 2022

We stand for peace

RSAcademics exists because the world needs schools to thrive. Along with so many others, we are horrified by what we see unfolding as a result of the war in Ukraine. Through our work, we appreciate the challenges that this poses to schools in the region, internationally and in the UK. It also increases our certainty about the role of education in fostering a more peaceful future.

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Because the world needs schools to thrive

Today’s children will inherit a world of profound challenge and opportunity, and the world needs schools capable of preparing them.  We exist to help schools thrive – as arenas of learning, creativity and excellence; as strong, sustainable businesses and as models for a harmonious society.

We are the trusted consulting partner for schools in the UK and worldwide.  We find and develop leaders, guide decision makers, solve practical problems and make connections so that schools can enhance their position in the market.  We provide constructive challenge and friendly support.  We are known for our network and market knowledge.  Schools welcome us because of the results we achieve.

Since 2002, our founder and CEO, Russell Speirs, has sought out exceptional individuals with the particular qualities schools need: world-class commercial experience and a shared heart-and-soul affinity for schools.

We exist entirely to serve schools.  We care deeply about their goals, reputations and peace of mind.  We do all this because, ultimately, the world needs schools to thrive.

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Equality, diversity & inclusion

Promoting diversity and inclusion

Working with our expert and experienced partners at All-in Education.

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A heart-and-soul affinity for schools

Rigour, integrity, warmth, imagination, curiosity, kindness…discover the qualities and values on which we are founded.

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Our research enriches the education sector with new insights, ideas and information, helping shape the debate.

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"Warm, professional, informative and supportive, the RSAcademics team always advise accurately and honestly. I was highly impressed by the team and their awareness and celebration of my ethnic background. In a world that clearly requires more leaders from the BAME community, RSAcademics are leading the way."

Karl Guest, Headmaster, Alton School

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