We strongly believe that we will be a better company if we embrace and promote diversity in all its forms and take action to become a more inclusive organisation

After a period of reflection during 2020, we undertook a comprehensive review of our organisation from an equality, diversity and inclusion perspective. We considered how we operate internally and how we serve our clients and the different sectors. We concluded that although there is much we can be proud of as an organisation, there is more we can do to tackle the issues proactively.

The strong moral values embedded within our company provide a foundation for this work and have allowed us to have open and challenging conversations. We recognise this is a long-term commitment and that change is not always going to be quick or easy.

Our objectives

  • To ensure RSAcademics is a diverse and inclusive organisation in which everyone has a voice and is valued, people feel psychologically safe and there are role models and career progression opportunities for all
  • To provide services and solutions for our clients that help them to reach their diversity and inclusion goals
  • To challenge and influence the wider education sector to become more diverse and inclusive over the next ten years

Our actions

We have developed or implemented the following:

  • Co-delivered a free conference, The Career Development Conference, in partnership with BAMEed Network and All-in Education to support prospective candidates from BAME communities in the UK into Deputy and Headteacher positions and provide training for Governors on inclusive recruitment
  • Partnered with the UK body for independent schools governance, AGBIS, to conduct diversity and inclusion research, free of charge, with Governors of independent schools
  • Created a new Equal Opportunities policy for our clients (which can be viewed and downloaded below)
  • Supported clients through our free Diversity & Inclusion webinars, and through our Sense of Belonging surveys, developed in conjunction with our partner, All-in Education
  • Forged a partnership with All-in Education, led by Johan Jensen, an expert in the field of diversity and inclusion. Johan is helping us to develop our awareness of the issues and ensure our business practices and policies reflect our desire to embrace and promote diversity and inclusion
  • Provided training for our senior staff and Equality, Diversity & Inclusion committee
  • Connected with key influencers to help us shape our plans and explore ways to support each other, and developed our ten-year Equality, Diversity & Inclusion strategy (which can be viewed and downloaded below)
  • Reviewed our internal operations and our service offerings in the light of best practice
  • Conducted an internal survey with our own colleagues about their own sense of belonging and listened to their perspectives
  • Researched best practice from across a range of sectors
  • Established an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion committee and appointed a Champion to oversee our work in this area

Our impact

Whilst we know real change will take time, we are proud that the steps we have taken so far are having a positive impact on our colleagues, candidates, clients and the wider education sector.

More than 350 people registered to join our inaugural Career Development Conference (7-12th June 2021), delivered in partnership with BAMEed and All-in Education. Sessions were designed to support aspiring leaders from minority ethnic backgrounds to achieve their first Deputy or Headship. Governors and recruiters were supported in developing more inclusive recruitment practices.

Participants said: “It gave me hope that there is help out there to support me”; “Chance to hear new voices on important topics and to hear the different experiences”; “It was very inspiring and motivating”; “The BAME Career Development Conference is a really wonderful opportunity full of practical strategies”.

Next steps

  • Lead targeted initiatives to support the wider education sector
  • Continue to refine our practices and policies to be as inclusive as possible
  • Work with education sector leaders and influencers to support change
  • Conduct research and thought leadership on key topics in this area
  • Continue to listen and reflect as individual

We recognise that we hold a great position of responsibility in the world of schools and will use our influence to promote diversity and inclusion in schools both in the UK and internationally.

We have teamed up with All-in Education to help schools as they seek to embrace and promote diversity and inclusion. We provide stakeholder research while our partners provide the training and consultancy.

A strategic service to support diversity & inclusion in schools

There are two strands to the service:

Stakeholder research: with staff, pupils and recent alumni through our Sense of Belonging surveys.

Leadership programme: drawing on the findings from the surveys, the programme equips leaders with the awareness, knowledge, tools, skills and strategic actions to start implementing changes in real-time.

Our partners

All-in Education

We have partnered with the expert team at All-in Education to support diversity and inclusion in schools.

All-in Education website (external)

Sense of Belonging surveys

Stakeholder research amongst staff, pupils & recent alumni

Developed through our partnership with All-in Education, these surveys provide valuable cultural insight to help you reflect and to build a diverse and inclusive community.

Learn more

Diversity webinar

Watch our free webinar

Learn how schools can start to explore issues of race, diversity and inclusion and what actions you can take to have a positive impact on the communities you serve.

Learn more


"It was essential that we had a diverse pool of applicants as inclusion and widening participation is very important to us. RSAcademics understood our aims and produced a list of excellent candidates from different backgrounds. This made selection easier, allowing us to focus only on experience, skills and ability."

Peter Green, Chair of Governors, Woodhouse College

If equality, diversity and inclusion is as important to you as it is to us, please get in touch so we can explore ways to work together to achieve our aspirations for a fairer, more diverse and inclusive sector.

Email Heather Styche-Patel, CEO, at heatherstyche-patel@rscademics.com

Call Heather on +44 (0)1858 383173