Although we keep on growing, our foundational values stay the same

We exist entirely to serve schools, because the world needs schools to thrive.

We are knowledgeable. We are industrious. We question, challenge and listen. We believe in work whose value is long-term, never stopgap.

Our approach is congenially collaborative, never generic, always expert and rigorous. We never forget that schools are people.

What we believe

01.We believe that our clients deserve the best

  • We only do work that makes us proud
  • We challenge ourselves constantly to improve
  • We recruit only the most outstanding people to our team
  • We practise and encourage innovation and look at things from fresh angles
  • We work in partnership with our clients
  • We encourage our clients only to buy what they need, never more

02.We believe that our people deserve the best

  • To provide a great service, ours must be a great place to work
  • We want everyone who works here to feel they belong and to feel inspired, challenged and supported
  • We respect and value each other’s contribution
  • We care about and provide for our mental and physical wellbeing
  • We embrace the fun and spirit of working together
  • We will be a better company if we embrace and promote diversity in all its forms and take steps to be a more inclusive organisation

03.We believe that all children deserve the best

  • We want our work to make a positive difference to the children in our client schools
  • We develop, fund or promote programmes that help children develop into balanced, fulfilled people ready for the challenges of their world
  • We give our time readily as Governors and volunteers
  • We fund bursaries to enable children to study and we support children’s and educational charities

04.We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with honesty & integrity

  • We act with integrity at all times
  • We listen generously to others, seeking to understand their perspective without bias
  • We communicate with clarity and without jargon
  • We are open and frank with candidates, clients and each other, offering our views bravely and politely

Our promise to you

Our work for you will be astute, bespoke, creative and useful.

We will always do everything we possibly can to be available to you when you need us. We will never talk to anyone else about our work for you without your permission. We will be honest and clear about costs and fees.

Our work will always be informed by the holistic objective of helping your school thrive.

Environmental statement

RSAcademics is committed to considering the environmental impact of our activities across the organisation and to taking decisions that can minimise that impact.

It is usually important for us to be present in schools for the purposes of delivering our services or undertaking the research that informs our assignments.  However, we also recognise that elements of our client-facing work, our internal functioning and our business development activities can be successfully accomplished remotely and/or digitally, thus minimising our travel and resource footprint. In addition, some of our services are designed to be delivered digitally. We encourage our clients to work with us in this approach as a means of contributing to their own sustainability goals.

Our people

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