Gain additional invaluable insights into candidates

A leader’s personality and ways of working are essential determinants of their success. Our expertise in this area provides your appointments panel with additional insights that are greatly beneficial to the process.

If you opt for this service, one of our qualified consultants will administer a detailed questionnaire and help you interpret the results of the tests. We will discuss with you in what ways the report sheds light on how the candidates work, how they manage themselves, how they deal with others and how they cope in challenging situations. Invaluable in shaping the interview process, these discussions also aid broader thinking about fit within the wider Senior Leadership Team.

Personality testing, interview and bespoke report

Most personality tests on the market just produce a computer-generated report. Our approach is different – we use the test results to conduct an in-depth interview with the candidate after which we write a bespoke, practical report for the selection panel.

Personality testing is therefore a way into a more detailed and personal interview with final stage candidates that explores each individual’s ways of working, dealings with others and personal values and motivations.

We use the Saville WAVE Professional Styles questionnaire for senior leaders, administered by an RSAcademics HR specialist who is accredited by Saville and the British Psychological Society.

A typical report is about three pages per candidate exploring strengths, preferences and potential limitations. This is discussed before the final interviews as part of the panel’s preparations.

Typical benefits include:

  • Reassurance and clarification for the panel on the picture already emerging on the final candidates, with additional insights and areas to explore further at final interview
  • Insights into leadership style, values and problem-solving approach, including areas where candidates may benefit from complementary support within the SLT
  • Further understanding of abilities in particular aspects of the person specification such as managing change, innovation, developing strategy, coaching colleagues, comfort in public-facing aspects of the role, etc
  • Thoughts on how a new appointee will work with a governing body, informing ideas for support and development early on

It is also worth noting that candidates themselves find the process interesting and valuable – a rare opportunity to pause and reflect which often leads to additional personal insights.


"St Clare’s has used RSAcademics five times over the last four years (four senior appointments and one consultancy task). We have had excellent outcomes in all cases."

Andrew Rattue, Principal, St Clare’s, Oxford

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